Featured Teams of There’s Idea In The Network visit the LITE

On Tuesday afternoon (27), three teams participating in There’s Idea In The Network visited LITE to meet the laboratory and withdraw their awards. The Haggyo Gein, Cretive Minds and Group 8 teams participated in creative activities.

Team Haggyo Gain, from There’s Idea In The Network, receiving the awards. | Photo: Guilherme Venancio

Create, build and learn about LITE tools such as the laser cutter and 3d printer, as well as interviews and video challenges. These were some of the activities provided to students who spent the afternoon at LITE. At the end, they were able to leave with their prizes won in the 2017 edition of There’s Idea In The Network. The awards went from LEGO games to Arduino kits.

In the coming months, new teams that stood out at the event will have the opportunity to meet the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Education.


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