Lite Maker Tour takes creative technology and maker culture to The Developer’s Conference

In the days April 21 and 22, the Laboratory of Innovation Tecnology in Education inaugurated the Lite Maker Tour, in The Developer’s Conference (TDC), event that happened on Centro de Convenções CentroSul, in Florianópolis-SC. The LITE was responsable for children space, TDC4Kids, witch aims introduce the technology with creativity for children from 7 to 12 years.

More than 40 children participated of the 5 steps of Lite Maker Tour, that include computacional programation, dinamics with RoPE, creation of digital bands with real world elements, mini games developed by LITE,
maker culture, among others. “I was transformator. A unique experience that certanly changed the life of this children and how they see the technology”, vice coordinator of LITE, Msc. André Santana, says. The presence of the laboratory in TDC provided the technological empowerment of these children. “The LITE in the TDC4Kids also carries the banner of the importance of bringing technology to the basic education of these young people. Children are not born knowing technology, they learn from fluency. But they do not know everything, they need to evolve, to advance more, learning to become producers of technology, “says André Raabe, coordinator of the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Education.

Lite Maker Tour is a blend of education, programming teaching and banter. It has a five-step roadmap, which presents the projects developed at the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Education. The tour’s stages are composed by RoPE, a programming toy that teaches basic concepts of math and programming for children; the Portugol, a programming tool in Portuguese aimed at beginners; Block Programming with Physical Media, which allows the interaction of computer programs with real-world elements; introduction to Block Programming, which teaches you how to create games in a simple way as if they were Lego pieces; and LITE’s Mini Games, which features toys that involve engineering and electronics. “The Lite Maker Tour proposes various activities in an open space for children to interact, rather than the classic workshops indoors. In this way, the children choose the activities they prefer to do, having contact with the most diverse technologies”, explains Msc. Gabriel Schade, LITE professor. “I believe that the participation of LITE in TDC was fundamental. […] Showing for them [the children] possibilities to act not only as consumers, but also as creators of technology “he concludes.

The workshops and dynamics were applied by the LITE coordinators, Dr. André Raabe and Msc. André Santana, by Professor Msc. Gabriel Schade, and the scholarship recipients Alisson Steffens Henrique, Eduardo Borges, Felipe Teixeira de Souza, Júlia Peron Metzger, Larissa Cucco and Luís Felipe Maciel Santana.

Lite Maker Tour Infographic. By Luis Felipe Maciel Santana

The Developer’s Conference is an event that brings together diverse communities of developers, analysts, testers, gamers, makers, among others. This year, in Florianópolis-SC, the TDC had the novelty of the TDC4Kids, a space that seeks to teach programming and a little electronics for the new generations, in a more relaxed way, with a lot of fun and activities. Generally there are workshops that count on the coordination of big names of the IT medium, which this year had the presence of LITE.

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