Cau’s innovative initiative will be presented at a national congress

The researches for the production of the article were made in the College of Application of Univali.

An article that addresses the students’ experience of Computational Thinking in elementary schools was approved at WEI 2018 and will be published in the annals of the event. The theme will also be presented by the master Natalia Couto, in a Workshop that takes place between June 22 and 26, in Natal-RN.

The WEI (Workshop on Computer Education) is a national level event with a B3 rating in Qualis Caps, and aims to discuss topics related to teaching and learning of Computing. This year, the workshops take place in Natal-RN, at the Natal Convention Center (CCN), and the theme is “Education for a sustainable society”.

The article, produced by researchers and professors of Univali, will be presented and published in the annals of WEI 2018 and has as its theme the application of Computational Thinking as a regular discipline in basic education. The research was developed at the Univali Application College which, in a partnership between LITE and the University’s computer master’s degree, became the first college in Brazil to provide the discipline.

The publication titled “Students’ perception of the implementation of a Regular Computational Thinking Discipline in a College of Basic Education” collects information directly with students through questionnaires. The research, carried out by LITE members and CAU teachers, showed many positive results, among them students’ perceptions regarding the use of creativity, logical reasoning, the escape of the traditional teaching model and the incentive of working together. Another positive point is that, in general, the discipline did not influence the students to study computing as a higher education, but increased their interest in the area. “The result goes against the objective of the discipline. We do not intend to seek students for computing, but to bring computing to everyone, “says researcher and master of computing, Natalia Couto.

The time of research and production of the article was one year and four months. The researchers involved were: the masters in applied computing, Natalia Couto; the professor of computer science at Univali, Msc. Elieser de Jesus; or Msc. Eduardo Alves da Silva, coordinator of Computer Science at Univali; and Dr. André Luis Alice Raabe, coordinator of LITE.

Students of the College of Application of Univali creating machines of Rube Goldberg, in the discipline of Computational Thinking

Article Information

The perception of the students about the implementation of a Regular Discipline of Computational Thinking in a College of Basic Education.

Publication date:
July 2018

Natalia Couto;
Dr. André Luis Alice Raabe;
Msc. Elieser de Jesus;
Msc. Eduardo Alves da Silva.

Place of publication:
WEI Annals (Qualis Capes: B3)


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