Lite’s coordinator participates in innovation discussions at Meeting Inova BC, at Univali

On May 10, Dr. André Luís Raabe, coordinator of the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Education of Univali, will be one of the participants in the panel discussion on integration strategies, together with renowned innovation professionals and startups. The panel is part of the first edition of Meeting Inova BC and will take place in auditorium 1, in block 4, of Univali in Balneário Camboriú, at 7:00 p.m. The event is free.

The panel mediators will discuss integration strategies with companies and other institutions, showing how the associativism can collaborate with the new entrepreneurs of startups. In addition to Professor André Raabe, will be present the doctorate in Administration and collaborator in the Nucleus of Technological Innovation of the Univali, André Moraes dos Santos; the president of the Abaçaí Brazil Institute, Aureo Giunco ​​Junior; and the businessman and founder of Gestalt, João Gabriel Dagostini.

According to Acibalc’s vice president of Innovation and coordinator of the Univali Graphic Design course, Marco Petrelli, the Meeting will integrate the groups around the same goal: the development of innovative projects that are transforming for the whole society. In the panel dynamics, each specialist will have 20 minutes to expose experiences in innovation and startup. Following the dialogue will be open between the experts and the audience present.

During its 20 minutes of presentation, the LITE coordinator intends to show his experiences acquired with the LITE regarding the training of innovative people, besides addressing the importance in adopting active practices and inspired in the Maker Movement.

The event is an accomplishment of the Young Entrepreneur Center, the Balneário Camboriú and Camboriú Business Association (Acibalc), the State Council of the Young Entrepreneur of Santa Catarina (Cejesc), Federation of Business Associations of Santa Catarina (Facisc), European Union, Cainco , Pact for Innovation and Al Invest 5.0, in partnership with Univali.

Entries must be made at the venue. The auditorium is located in block 4 of the 2nd floor of Univali, Campus BC.


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