LITE presents maker culture in Ctrl+E, in Fortaleza-CE

The Lites’s coordinator, André Luis Raabe,

O coordinator do Lite, André Luis Raabe, and the researcher, Eduardo Borges Gomes, will be at III Congress on Technologies in Education (Ctrl+E 2018), presenting maker culture and your aplications in education. The event heppens between june 05 and 08, in Fortaleza-CE.

The subjects that the members of Lite will address will be the growth of the maker culture and its integration with education, presenting the projects of the Laboratory and the results obtained during its applications in public and private education in Brazil. The Laboratory coordinator will also be responsible for the opening speech of the event. In addition, mini courses on maker culture will be offered.

Ctrl+E is a scientific event that aims to bring together teachers, students, researchers and other professionals interested in Informatics as a support to teaching and learning in the various areas of knowledge. In this edition, the theme is Maker Culture in School: making a new education with digital technologies.

More information about the event, you can find on the official website:


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